Splash And Relax Bring Air Hockey To The Table

Released on: November 20, 2012, 8:01 am
Industry: Sports

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Splash and Relax are always increasing their range of great relaxing products and one of the best ways for the sporting activity of a household in the long winter months without braving the winter’s storms is by playing one of the many table games, which are available. Splash and Relax have worked hard to provide a range of good games tables and Air Hockey is becoming a firm favourite in many places.

This is a great game that can be played by 2 or 4 players and can bring in the whole of the family so that it becomes an inclusive family entertainment. Hockey may not be a standard British sport and especially the version which resembles ice hockey but most people have seen it on the television and soon become addicted to the game once they have played it for a while. It is also a game that can be played equally as well by the ladies. This sport requires skill and agility and a modicum of energy and will bring a great deal of sporting combat as well as a great deal of fun and enjoyment.

Splash and Relax have tried to pick a full range of air hockey tables from the small 3 feet fold away table for 2 people to the Vortex 7 feet Air Table for 2 or 4 people, with a cost range from £50 to £500 so that hopefully there is something for everyone. The larger units will fit into a games or activities room and come with all the modern additions.

The Vortex Air Hockey Table provides a great playing table with an air supply that gives great fast puck movement that will really test the skill of the players and make for a very energetic game. The 7 foot long table comes with an electronic scoring system that audibly tells you the score. It is a very presentable table finished in black with chrome effect corners and piping. The playing table looks excellent and will certainly take the players efforts and resist damage from pucks and strikers. The great thing about this game is that it does not require a vast space around the table in order to play the game, unlike snooker or pool the strikers are small and hand held and the players stand up to the table and whilst they require some space behind the table it is limited and the table can be accommodated in a standard sized room. Splash and Relax have recognised that space is often a limiting factor in deciding whether to get a games table and this sport certainly fulfils that requirement.

Splash and Relax - http://www.splashandrelax.co.uk - always try to make things easy and whilst many things that they supply are delivered to the door to reduce the cost they take a great deal of care in trying to offer a setting up service to the customer for many products. This service is great in taking out those annoying problems found in instruction books and provides a good deal of comfort by allowing the product to be erected and tested before it is passed over to the family.

Contact Details: Splash & Relax,
Oakleigh House,
Hurst Road,
West Sussex,
RH12 2EP

Tel: 0845 459 9955
Web: http://www.splashandrelax.co.uk


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