OKASANA CAPITAL PARTNERS Announces Launch of Global Trading Platform, Providing Retail Investors Online Access to Foreign Markets

Released on: November 19, 2012, 8:04 am
Industry: Financial

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Both Active Traders and Mass Affluent Investors Indicate Strong Interest

OKASANA CAPITAL PARTNERS today announced that OKASANA has launched its Global Trading platform. OKASANA institutionalretail customers will now have online access to foreign stocks and currencies in the major international markets and will have the ability to buy, hold and sell in the respective local currency. The pilot launch is focused on the major global markets - Canada, France, Germany, US, Japan and the United Kingdom - and may be expanded to include online access to up to 42 international markets and related currencies.

"Demand for international investing continues to rise dramatically," said Albert Donovan, President and Chief Operating Officer, OKASANA CAPITAL PARTNERS. "Retail investors see international investments as a key component of overall portfolio diversification and, want the added benefit of direct share ownership. Our Global Trading initiative offers OKASANA customers online access to six major international markets, making it easy and affordable to own foreign equities."

A recent survey of OKASANA brokerage customers indicates that 67% of those polled are interested in trading stocks on foreign exchanges, with Mass Affluent investors as likely as Active Traders to take advantage of direct international investing opportunities. Those surveyed cited the opportunity for enhanced portfolio diversification (85%), currency exposure (59%), and the opportunity to invest in growth sectors/stocks (49%) as the top three reasons why direct investing outside Hong Kong is attractive.

Through our online Global Trading platform Hong Kong brokerage customers can:

Buy and sell common stock (limit orders) in Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and the United Kingdom

Buy, sell and hold the following currencies in their accounts:

•  US Dollar

•  Canadian Dollar

•  British Pound Sterling

•  Euro

•  Hong Kong Dollar

•  Japanese Yen

•  Transfer multiple currencies

•  View account information:

•  Multi-market Positions

•  Balances within each currency

•  Order status

•  Transaction details

•  View international real-time quotes from exchanges in Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom

•  Access international news, including headlines and company news

•  View international charts, including mini-charts for indices

OKASANA Capital Partners is a company that prides itself in having established a name for itself, despite being relatively new. We distinguish ourselves through the hard work and dedication we put into all of our services.

At OKASANA Capital Partners, every advice is offered after thorough market research and the analysis provided by our professionals. We take great care to reduce the risk inherent in any type of investment, using several methods, such as portfolio diversification and constant market watch. Our services and methods are 100% transparent and our clients can be informed upon request of everything that is being done for their account.

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