Jesse Willms Launches Site To Document His Transition From Internet Entrepreneur To Philanthropist



Released on: September 20, 2010, 2:04 am
Author: D. Wong
Industry: Internet & Online

This summer, Internet entrepreneur Jesse Willms made an important decision – he was going to focus less of his time and energy on making money, and more on giving back to the community.

Since then, he has partnered with a wide variety of charities to fight poverty and make the world a better place. Now, he's decided to create a website dedicated to his philanthropic efforts as an educational tool for others who want to give, but are not sure how to go about it.

The site will be found at

“The site will be a way for people to find out who I'm giving to and why,” Willms said. “It will also have dedicated links where people can make their own donations directly. The point of this site is to encourage people to donate to these very worthy organizations, or to be inspired to donate to their own favorite charities.”

Willms has long been known as a legend in the Internet marketing community, who managed to found several Internet marketing companies by the time he was 22 years old. Earlier this summer he was inspired by the work of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to start donating money to charity.

His current support efforts have been focused on groups that help women, children, single parents and disaster relief efforts. His most dramatic gesture so far was to sponsor 100 children through the World Vision children’s charity, and then to sponsor an additional child every day since.

“When you help a child, you help the future,” Willms said.

By the time the site fully launches later next week, it will contain a wealth of information about each charity Willms has donated to. He'll go into detail about why he decided to support that particular charity. Then, people will be able to click onto links that will take them directly to that organization's donation page.

“When I first started talking to these charities about setting up partnerships with them, they taught me that giving wasn't enough,” Willms said. “It was just as important that I spread the word about what they do and why they need your help.”

Willms said he was told that's because word of mouth publicity tends to motivate people more than advertisements, and is vastly more cost effective for the organizations themselves.

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