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Released on: June 18, 2010, 5:37 am
Author: WGT Online - Barry King
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World of Warcraft had over 11.5 million subscribers, which is the best Massively multiplayer online role-playing game. WGT Online (, as a industry new leader of wow gold selling market, have done over 3,000,000 successful wow gold transactions and Over 180 million wow gold and other game currencies delivered in the past three months.

World of Warcraft Player  know that you simply can't enjoy the game without wow gold. I think the fastest way to get wow gold is buying wow gold online. As world of warcraft player knows, there are many Malicious URL injection online gold sites (Trojan horse Injection) now, many player have been deceived by them.

So how can you choose a reliable wow gold team to buy wow gold safely? how to buy wow gold without getting banned or scammed?

Tip1:  To review their websites, to see if the website you are reviewing is professional, customer focused and full of content with descriptive sentences.
Tip2:  Check their customer service status.
Tip3:  Log on the website to see if they update their news every day, if they offer the lowest price and the fast delivery as well as refund policy.
: Don't only care about the price like Cheapest wow gold, we should care about their service, delivery policy, quality, google sitelinks, good reputation.
Tip5: The Store Age, The Store History, Wow Gold Payment, Live Chat, and the update information,all of these should be taken into consideration.

No double WGT Online ( is your reliable choice.

And you can visit here to see some useful information:
How is my information protected from hackers/spammers? (
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Now Please Check The Following Buying Wow Gold Delivery Methods From WGT Online:

In-Game Mail: Your gold will be delivered via mail system in Wow.
Face to Face: Our World of Warcraft character and yours trade gold in Wow at agreed place!
Put into Wow Account: Your should give us your Wow accounts login information so that we can put your cheap wow gold in it.

You can buy wow gold from WGT Online not only from online website:, but also from cell phone website:, so it is convenient for wow lover.  

Some comments from wow gold buyers:
1. I buy wow gold and leveling service several times, they reply on livechat within 3mins, and are very professional.
2. I had good cooperation with them, they can deliver my gold very fast at most of the time, but because of their holidays, they delayed my order for 3 days, but that 's still fine for me. I have got all my gold and my bonus, lol, actually i am one of major customer of now!
3. As for, most of my friend said they really love it so i will go and have a try.

2010 FIFA World Cup is in crazy competition, Both Argentina to South Korea and Greece to Nigeria was very wonderful race yesterday. Is there any preferential policy in That's it (Price Slashes + Great Discount + 15% Bonus Point for Any Order!).

1. If you buy wow gold during World Cup,35% of your toall price will cut down.
2. If you buy wow gold during World Cup,we have 24 online service for you and promise that 100% Clients will enjoy our service.
3. If you buy wow gold during World Cup,we have prepared mass wow gold and promise that 90% Orders will deliver in 15mins.
4. If you use Discount code: "worldcup2010", you will gain Extra Bonus 15 WoW Gold.

Enjoy the convenience and good service, please visit WGT Online for more details.

About WGT Online:
WGT Online ( is a specialized online video game service supplier, such as world of warcraft gold, Aion:the tower of eternity kinah, wow power leveling, Aion power leveling , Lotro gold, Warhammer gold, guild wars gold,FFXI,FFXIV Gil,Eve Online ISK and so on. They try their best to provide best service and competitive price to game player.

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