Study by Affiliate Program Network Clickbooth Will Help Businesses Better Target Women Ages 35 to 55


Released on: March 18, 2010, 12:23 am
Author: Clickbooth
Industry: Internet & Online

Affiliate program network Clickbooth understands that women ages 35 to 55 make up the largest group of consumers online and are often the most difficult to reach. They are social and interactive, but less compulsive when it comes to spending, making it a challenge for businesses to effectively market to them. In part one of its recent study, “An Inside Look at Marketing to Women Ages 35 to 55,” the CPA affiliate network tells its clients more about the members of this important group of shoppers and offers tips on how to create an affiliate program network campaign targeted toward them.

March, 2010 – Marketing to women ages 35 to 55 can prove more difficult than marketing to other groups of online shoppers, as they are less willing to part with their money on a whim. Affiliate program network Clickbooth wants to help its clients reach more members of this valuable demographic, the largest online today. Part one of its recent study, “An Inside Look at Marketing to Women Ages 35 to 55,” addresses the makeup of this group and offers clients of Clickbooth's CPA affiliate network tips on how to better reach them.

Study author Sara Anderson states that affiliate program network campaigns aimed at this demographic should be broken into smaller units that target specific groups, such as:

Single Mothers – There are approximately 10.4 million women in this group. They value their children, their time, and their appearance, making and saving their money, and finding a life partner. These factors should be considered when creating a CPA affiliate network campaign for them.

Stay at Home Mothers – They make up 25 percent of the married woman demographic, and they value highest meeting the needs of their family. When marketing to this group, Anderson suggests addressing the entire family. With this group, an affiliate program network campaign should include inspiring stories of other women in similar situations, who have successfully cared for their families using the campaign's products or services.

Working Mothers – These educated consumers do not have time for endless research before making a purchase. Because of this, a CPA affiliate network campaign targeting this group should stress a product or service's time and money saving features.

Married Women with No Children – Approximately four million women fall into this group. They value their freedom and independence, so when targeting an affiliate program network campaign toward this group, consider playing off what they value most: making and saving money, their spouse, having fun and meeting their health and beauty needs.

Single Women with No Children – They are a smaller portion of this demographic, but no less valuable. As they are more likely to be interested in finding a life partner, consider a CPA affiliate network campaign that targets a product or service's ability to improve their image or help them meet someone special.

Anderson stresses the importance of the language used in affiliate program network campaigns that aimed toward this demographic. She suggest that clients “speak in a language that relates to her, appeals to her caring nature, shows concern for her time, and complements (not complicates) her life. The last thing she needs is a process that takes more of her time – simplicity is key.”

To read the full study by Anderson, which also includes tips on how to increase conversions with women ages 35 to 55, go to

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