State Of The Art Approaches to Digital Asset Management Implemented By DPCI


Released on: December 07, 2009, 1:43 pm
Author: Database Publishing Consultants, Inc.
Industry: Internet & Online

Every modern business has an online presence and that Internet connection requires having a website. If the site is not search engine optimized it will not receive traffic. First impressions do count in cyberspace – if the website is not interesting enough to catch and hold a visitor’s attention, the result will be a loss of sales. One way to brand a company and to add interest to a site is through such things as logos, videos, audio, still and stock photos and images, and other forms of content. But in a short period of time this arsenal of content adds up and if it is not properly organized in an effective digital asset management system, time can be wasted in searching for, accessing, and updating content.

New York, NY, December, 2009 – DPCI works to assist companies with increased speed and functionality in updating online content. An online presence is an absolute requirement of every modern day industry, corporation, business, and organization. But simply having a website does not guarantee visitors to the site. In fact, there are several things that must be in place before visitors can even find a website easily. Perhaps the most important concern is that of search engine optimization. This is a method of utilizing appropriate keywords and phrases in the correct way to get noticed by the search engines. A good ranking with search engines helps to ensure that people in need of a particular service or product will find the right site.

Another important part of having a positive online presence is having interesting content that keeps visitors coming back. This is sometimes done through the use of photos, videos, audio, logos and other branding materials. As a company grows and develops new products and services, the more of this digital content there is to manage. Obviously the digital asset management is a vital component of any content management system.

Depending on IT personnel to handle this responsibility is how some companies tackle the job. However, this is not the most efficient use of this personnel’s time. While it takes them away from other tasks that they are better suited for the content management system they may decide to incorporate is likely to be less effective than other options available. Any digital asset management system implemented will place more responsibility on marketing professionals and content experts and less on IT personnel.

Before deciding on the appropriate digital asset management system, DPCI performs a thorough evaluation of a company’s existing infrastructure. This is done to determine if building upon or extending the existing environment is a viable option. With over 10 years of business and a team of experts, DPCI is able to implement a modern approach to creating, managing, interpreting and delivering content. Their state of the art approaches to organizing staff, improving processes and implementing sensible technology to support content management system needs can make the difference between a company’s optimal success and mediocre stability.

The team at DPCI has a collective knowledge with wide experience in implementation of CMS platforms. A full service shop experience is offered; DPCI truly knows how a web content management system should work in various business environments. Some of the services include business analysis, project management, product integration, extended programming, training and support.

DPCI was incorporated 10 years ago. In ten years time Database Publishing Consultants, Inc.’s expert consultants have expanded their already extensive knowledge about what makes the perfect content management system. Whether working with a museum or a large corporation, DPCI can easily implement a digital asset management system that allows even non-technical personnel to become producers.

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