DPCI: 10 Years And Going Strong With Implementation Of Ideal Digital Asset Management


Released on: December 07, 2009, 1:47 pm
Author: Database Publishing Consultants, Inc.
Industry: Internet & Online

Database Publishing Consultants, Inc. is committed to helping companies find and implement the best suited content management solutions to meet their needs. Nowadays if a business is going to be successful it is vital that modern technology is not only used, but it should be embraced. This is necessary because competition is fierce and keeping up is simply not good enough. An Internet presence is key to continued success but not every website is equal. The truth is that unless a website is developed with knowledge and expertise it is unlikely that it will get ranked well with search engines. And that means the site could virtually get lost in cyberspace. A well designed website includes proper utilization of keywords for search engine optimization. It also includes such things as branding materials and company logos, audio and video clips, photos and images, and a number of other types of content that make a site more compelling. As a company grows it naturally accumulates an increasing library of digital assets which results in the need for a reliable digital asset management system. That’s where DPCI comes in.

New York, NY, December, 2009 – After 10 years of service, DPCI continues to assist corporations, businesses, and numerous organizations find new ways to achieve increased speed and functionality in managing and updating online content. To begin the process a thorough evaluation of any existing content management system in use will be done by the professionals at DPCI. This allows them to determine if building upon or extending the existing environment is an option. The goal is efficiency, functionality, speed, cost effectiveness, and security, all in one.

This goal may be a daunting task for the typical IT personnel but for the experts at DPCI it is all in a day’s work. These professionals have a wide range of experience and expertise with implementation of CMS platforms and they offer a full service implementation shop. This is another convenient feature that is not often found in such services. The team has extensive knowledge about how a web content management system should work in an assortment of business environments. Their product services include business analysis, project management, product integration, extended programming, and training and support. The DPCI experts have worked with a great variety of clients; from large corporations to museums and many other types of organizations. This versatility ensures that DPCI can execute exactly the right digital asset management system for each of its clients.

An organized system of digital asset management is necessary for speed and functionality. Digital assets must be archived in a fashion that is easy to search, annotate, access and update, based on numerous criteria. A quality digital asset management system will also include permissions and security controls for protection. This means that only authorized individuals will be able to access the system, which affords increased safeguards in protecting the company’s digital assets.

Ideally, the digital asset management will be customized to meet the specific needs of the particular company or business type. This is the type of implementation that DPCI has perfected. Furthermore, a truly efficient digital asset management system places less responsibility on IT personnel and more on marketing professionals and content experts. Any web content management system implemented by DPCI is based on the belief that instant access is best. Additionally, the systems have a template driven web browser interface, making them very user friendly; even non-technical personnel can become producers.

DPCI can implement a modern and efficient digital asset management system to suit the needs of any business or corporation. DPCI uses a modern approach to organizing staff, improving processes, and implementing sensitive technology to support a highly functional content management system. The end result is companies have a content management solution that offers increased speed and performance in updating content.

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New York, NY 10036-1518
Phone #: (800) 818-2905

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